Sunday, January 11, 2009

My baby sister...

My baby sister Haylee has been dancing with a dance company called D'Ette & Company since she was three years old. It was the cutest thing ever when she first started. Since she was probably 6 months old she loved to dance to any music that was playing. Then at about 2 she went through a phase where she would strip down to her diaper and dance on and table she could, the coffee table was her favorite (sorry Haylee, I am sure you are beat red right about now). We used to tease my dad all the time and say she was gonna grow up and be a table would make him laugh but he was I mean when I say she liked to dance I MEAN she loved to dance. So its no surprise that she has stayed with it this long. She made the drill team at her middle school and we were so proud, but not as proud as when she tried out last year for officer and MADE it! It was exciting 2008 for her because she also got the lead role in the Nutcracker that her dance studio performs every year! She was Clara! My mom got us all front row tickets to watch her. As I sat on that front row and watched my baby sister who had come from a little ballerina with the fluffy tutus to this beautiful young woman on this big stage, she took my breath away. Needless to say I spent most of the time crying with a huge lump in my throat. After it was over my mom turned to me and said what did you thing and I lost it...I cried like a baby. I am so proud of Haylee, so proud to say she is my sister. I hope she knows this even though I may pick on her a little to much I love her so very much and I can't wait to keep being amazed by her talent! So here are some of the pictures...

they put on two shows and in the second one haylee wasn't clara she had to do a bunch of other dances!!! so she had to learn a lot of different dances!!! the top one in white is snowflakes and the bottom in silver and purple is arabian (she had to turn a complete 360 in that position!)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Halloween '08

Okay okay here are the long awaited pictures I promised and never delivered. 
Matthew & Aiden always go trick or treating together in Nina's neighborhood. They just love running house to house! This year we coached Matthew not to return candy that he was allergic to but to however just say thank It worked he didn't return any candy however the first few houses he walked away from looking into his candy bag saying "I got a rock!!" Omgsh... my he watches to much Charlie Brown apparently. It had us all laughing though that's for sure. 


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