Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A project sent home on the first day of Pre-K?!?!

Okay so Matthew got sent home with a project on the first day of school and when is it due....in five days! Now let me tell you a little about this project. It is to be on a piece of poster board that is a little larger than a legal size piece of paper. And it is basically supposed to be a collage about him. With pictures of him and his family and things he likes. The paper said in big bold letters BE CREATIVE! Oh, no problem...I looked at Matthew and said..."Oh we have this in the bag!" Ha Ha Ha! I think I am gonna like pre-k! It is going to bring out even more of my creativity...ha ha ha! I haven't started it yet believe it or not, but let me tell you I already have lots of ideas! I will take a picture of the finished project and post it this weekend. So stay tuned!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Matthew had a great first day!!!

Matthew was so excited to tell us all about his first day of school. He told us he had a lot of fun. He told us over and over thank you for taking him and thank you for picking up. He did ask us what we did when we left him at school. Ha Ha he wanted to make sure that we weren't out having fun with out him. It was really cute. 

Matthew's First Day of School

In the car on the way there. 
In front of the school.

Matthew started Pre-K today. He has been really excited about this! He went to bed at 9pm  last night (which everyone knows is really early for Matthew.) We woke him up at 6:45 this morning and he said he still wanted to sleep...just like his parents...ha ha. I took him in the bathroom and told him to brush his teeth and before he stuck the toothbrush in this was the conversation him and I had:
Me- "Are you excited to go to school today?"
Matthew- "Are you gonna leave me all by myself?" in a whinning voice.
Me-"Baby, Mommee & Daddee can't stay with you at school"
Matthew in a scared voice almost crying "so you are gonna leave me all alone?"
Me- "No baby, the teacher will be there and all of your new friends in your class"
then he said nothing else and started brushing. Oh man at that point I was so worried. I got him dressed and sent him downstairs to his Daddee to eat. He ate his breakfast and we set out to leave. He was really excited after that. We got to the school and he was all smiles. When he got to the classroom he was so excited to see that he could play playdoh right off. He has been in love with playdoh ever since he got it for his birthday this past year. So he put his backpack and lunch box away and then sat down to play. He was so in to playing that he didn't care if we were there or not. We kissed him and said bye, I had to drag Carlos out believe it or not. I had to leave I didn't want Matthew to see me cry. We had to stop at the nurse to give his meds. And then when we got to the car I balled like a big baby. And ever since we have been nothing but talking about him and saying what is he doing now. (We have a schedule so we know...lol) Well here are some pictures we took and in about 15 minutes we get to go and get him! 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Circus 2008

Matthew told Carlos & I that he was going to the circus for about a week so finally a few days before opening night I bought the three of us tickets. Carlos didn't go last year so he said he wanted to this year. We had a really fun time and had great seats. Before the show started they let everyone walk down to the middle of the arena and meet the stars and some animals. Matthew got to see an elephant up close eat whole apples and even PAINT two pictures! That was really cool. We love taking Matthew to things like this just to see his face light up with excitement makes it all worth it. 

Melissa's 30th Birthday party

The first weekend in August we went to San Antonio for his cousin Melissa's 30th Birthday party. The Theme was Strawberry Shortcake just like she had when she was little. It was very cute! They had a Big Strawberry Shortcake pinata. Here are a few pictures we captured. We all had a fun time! 

My Aunt Polly's Birthday Party

The Birthday Girl!
Two weekends ago we spent Saturday night at my Aunt Polly's Birthday Party. Here are some of the pictures we took outside. We always have a great time when we are all together like this. 

Holy VINTAGE shirt Batman!

This shirt that Matthew sleeps in is at least 19 years old. If it wasn't so thin we would let him wear it outside of the house. Ha Ha! It was my brother Dane's tshirt and then my brother Deven wore it as well and some how I have ended up with it. My mom obviously gave it to me before she knew Dane was having a boy, otherwise it would have gone to my nephew Aiden. Matthew has really gotten in to Batman though, so he enjoys wearing it. I think it's awesome to own a shirt so old and it is still loved so much! 

Friday, August 22, 2008

So maybe it really is my fault....sorry Matthew....


If I had only known that eating nuts & peanut butter would have done such a thing to my child, I never would have eaten them while I was pregnant with him. It's not like I had a whole lot of options as to what would stay down though....sigh...sorry Matthew.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Okay so last night before Carlos got home from work Matthew and I started our nighttime story a little early. I did so because I had a different kind of book for him. Instead of me reading him a story, I wanted to fill out a book that he got on his first birthday from his Aunt that lives in Chicago. I had held on to the book so long because I wanted him to be old enough to participate in it. The book is called "A Book About Me!" it's a Dr. Seuss book. So Matthew and I began filling it out...it was silly stuff of course. Things like do you eat like a horse or a bird? How many teeth do you have on top and how many on bottom...how many windows does your house have...anyway you get the point. So Matthew and I were having a good time filling it out and Carlos got home. So then he was joining in on the fun. When all the sudden I get to the page that says "what do you want to be when you grow up____?" So I read the question out loud and Matthew immediately responded "Frankenstein" we giggled and I said well let's read some of the examples...and below it had things like "fireman, baseball player, doctor, nurse, and so on and all the sudden I read out loud BURGLAR! Carlos' eyes got huge, and he said with a stunned voice "It doesn't say that?!" I busted out laughing and said "Uh...yes it does!" Can you believe that?!?!? My son's Dr. Seuss book is actually encouraging kids to be a burglar when they grow up! Carlos and I just couldn't get over it, he stared at the book for a few moments and just laughed then said "you need to send that in to Jay Leno" ha ha ha....we put that book away after that...I decided that was enough for one night...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Matthew had his last basketball game last Saturday. He played his best game yet. He made 7 baskets during that game. He beat his own record! Carlos & I were so proud! After the game he got his medal, he now has two. He is already asking me when soccer starts. He hates the breaks in between the sports. 


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