Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my Birthday, I had a great morning. Had surprises from friends, my mom set her alarm and text me at 1:56am (the time I was born) to tell me Happy Birthday and that she loves me (the most of course, she didn't come out and say it, but I always know.) I picked up Matthew from school which made him happy and in turn makes me happy. Then we went to dinner at the Iron Cactus in the Galleria mall. That was the first time we had eaten there. Mine was really good, then they brought me a piece of cake (that was wonderful) and sang Happy Birthday to me, and guess what I didn't cry. I was also blessed with some great gifts throughout the day! All in all it was a great birthday! Thank you to everyone!!!

Bubble Boy...

This is nothing compared to the pictures my Mom got of him!!! 

So the day after Matthew's birthday (Monday the 20th) I got a call ten minutes before two from the nurses office at Matthew's school. Mind you I have the Nurse's office programed in my phone with a special ring so that I know who it is without having to look. I have already been called numerous times for various things (3 times the first week and Matthew only went 3 days the first week!!!) Anyway, when I answered it was the nurses "helper" (sorry I am not sure what her actual title is) and she was telling me that when Matthew woke up from his nap he had an allergic reaction to something and his eyes were swollen completely shut. She said she had given him benedryl at 1:20 and it had helped a little. Then she started telling me that the reason she was just getting in touch with me was because she had accidentally called another Matthew Martinez's mom and when that mom got there to pick her son up, she said "that's not my son!" The other boy is in third grade and this is not the first time that they have been mixed up. It doesn't make me feel very good about that, but I do know mistakes happen, as long as it's not life threatening I will try and overlook it. So since it was 10 till 2 my mom was already there to get him and she called me as soon as she got in the car with him. She said she had NEVER seen him look this bad before. She said she was almost in tears. Not what I wanted to hear. Well we continued the benedryl and it wasn't doing anything, so the next day my mom said she thought it might be a sinus infection and when my mom worries that's when I get worried. So I took him to the doctor and that's exactly what it was!!!! I couldn't believe it, but after 2 doses of antibiotics he was back to normal! It was so hard to look at him that way, he didn't even look like Matthew. Here are some pictures and these are once he looked a LOT BETTER! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sunday--- Matthew's actual birthday!

He woke up at 8 am (I really thought he'd sleep longer after such a party, but no) and he just couldn't wait to get back to all of his new toys! We went and ate at Maudie's with Carlos' family and then went to Garden Ridge. After that we had to say goodbye to them and then Haylee & my Mom came over. We counted down until 6:23pm (the time he was born) then sang Matthew Happy Birthday. He liked that. We just all spent the rest of the night playing with him. I can't believe he's 5 years old!!!!

We saved one gift that he really wanted for the day of his birthday. It was the batmobile with the batpod inside. It is pretty massive. I feel like we need a bigger house for all the toys!!! 

i made the pennant banner that is behind my granny, I really liked how it turned out

he is still in our tree for halloween

pumpkin toss

mummy wrap
Ghost bowling

Yes that is really a pinata!

The big day! It was finally here, at 8am Matthew was saying "Mommee, Mommee, Mommee wake you know who's party it is today?" If I hadn't been so tired from being up till 3am then I would have laughed out loud. So, I gradually pulled myself out of the bed and begun. Thank God at the last minute my Mom & Sister came to help me, they were a HUGE help! I have to also say thanks to Desiree for her help and Laura Young as well. Carlos' mom needs a big thanks for running my last minute errand to get the balloons blown up and for that pinata. I have NEVER seen such a thing in my life! It looked so real. Twice it scared me as I walked out my front door because they had put it there before they hung it in the tree. My mom didn't want us to hit it. She wanted us to keep it for a decoration every year.

So, anyway the party finally started only 3 people out of everyone I invited weren't able to make it, so that was great! We had a full backyard and kids played 3 games that were directed by my sister
haylee (the ladybug) and her friend emilee (the bee). The games were Pumpkin toss, Ghost bowling & Mummy Wrap. Now, I initially had prizes for the pumpkin toss and the ghost bowling but my child won both of them, so no prizes were given. The kids didn't care, we let them play them again while the parents finished up eating and moved to the front yard for the pinata. The pinata as you can see was HUGE and it took forever to break. Every kid took a hit at it then we had to get the older kids out there. My sister, her friend, my brother & carlos' brother. Finally it resulted in a few guys pulling it apart and pouring out the candy for the kids who were tired of waiting. There was a total of $40 in candy in that thing and we could have still kept filling it!

Then inside for cake and presents. Of course I cried during the Happy Birthday song, like I always do. I don't think anyone noticed though..ha ha. Then it was over and the kids started to file out with the arms full of party favors! They got the
Frankenstein filled box, a motorized bubble gun, and boys got lighted swords and the girls got fairy wands. They were so happy with the party favors that they weren't even mad to leave.

Carlos & I finally had our first meal of the day at 11pm. Carlos got a lot of compliments on his food which was great! He was really nervous about using his new grill. I agreed that the food was great once I finally got to eat. I even had a piece of cake which was also really yummy. Then we hit the sac, I think all three of us were asleep within minutes.

Matthew's 1st field trip!

The whole class at the end of the trip.
Lunch at Pickle Park
Love this one! 
Gosh doesn't he look old! My baby....
Running through the maze!

Now next on the List to tell you was that this past Friday Matthew had his first field trip to the Pumpkin Patch and of course Carlos and I were both there. Of course we both had our cameras too. Matthew had a great time, his whole class did. It started with the exciting bus ride. Matthew was so excited about the bus that every bus he saw on the way to school that morning he said "
Mommee is that the bus I am riding on today?"

So all the parents followed the bus to the pumpkin patch. The first thing they did was run through the maze that was built with bales of hay. They loved doing that! I think Matthew ran through it 4 times. Then they got to go inside the building and see the Giant singing pumpkin, Matthew has seen it quite a few times in years before. After that they each got to pick out a pumpkin.

We then left the p. patch and headed to Pickle Park. The kids ate their lunches then played on the playground. Being that Matthew's birthday was on Sunday I made and brought cupcakes for his class. The whole class sang Happy Birthday to him, it was too cute! Matthew had a blast all day. Then when I picked him up from school, once we were in the car and I started to drive home he said to me "Mom, thank you for bringing cupcakes to my class." (He didn't know I was doing that) It melted my heart when he said that to me. I love my little boy so much!

Okay, let me begin with sorry it's been so long since I posted. As you all know I make a huge deal out of Matthew's birthdays. I have always remembered how fun my mom made sure mine were, so I like to carry that on to my child. Sometimes Carlos is reluctant at first, then as the party approaches he wants it to be just as big! He never had a birthday party as a child, so it's important to him to that our kids do. Anyway, I have been planning this Halloween birthday party since his 4th birthday party, yes for a YEAR. That's how I like to do things.

Now before I tell you how the party went let me tell you about the days leading up to it. Two weeks before his party I was decorating and I was hanging a scene setter in the dining room (you will see it in the cake pictures, it's on the wall behind matthew) and this took me quite some time, because I was doing it alone. However after it was all said and done, I was happy with it. Then the next day was Monday and it was National Night Out which Target is a big sponsor of so of course our family headed out right after work. So by the time we got home it was late and hot in the house because no one had been home for longer than 20 minutes all day. When we walked in we saw that the entire (and it was long!) scene setter was on the floor. Carlos laughed and nothing good came out of my mouth then Matthew....

He started with "who did this? who took this down?"
I stated that it had fallen, as I was gritting my teeth
Matthew- "Great now we can't have the party, cancel it, just cancel it!"
I stood there with my mouth open and told him to go upstairs to take a bath.
All the way up the stairs "just cancel the party mom, cancel it"
The whole time he is saying this to me like an adult!
I told him to wait for me in my bathroom and I started telling Carlos what he was saying.
Then as I got near the bathroom he was in I could still hear him saying "just cancel the party, cancel it"
I just couldn't believe it!

Then the next day I told my mom the story, so when she picked him up she asked him if it was true that he wanted to cancel his party. He said "YES, because mom put up the picture of the trees with no leaves and it fell, so now we can't have the party"
When I got home she told me all of this and so I looked at Matthew and asked him "Matthew do you know what cancel means?"
Matthew- "No..."
We all busted out laughing...
My little boy.


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