Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Okay so this was just too cute of a story I had to share...
Well, I had to take Matthew to the doctor about a week ago because he was having these weird blisters pop up on him. He had one on he knee and after Carlos and I popped it, it got really big and wasn't healing very well. Then he had what I assumed was his eczema all over his body that wasn't clearing up either. So anyway him and I went to see Dr. Mouser and he was such a big boy he did not cry on the way there even though I had to keep reassuring him that he was not going to get a shot.
So once we were called back and the nurse was in the room asking me what was going on (which just happens to be the same nurse when I used to go to Dr. Mouser as a little girl.) So I went through the whole thing with her and:
she said "Okay, well is Matthew allergic to any medications that you know of?"
I responded "No, not any that I know of."
and that's when Matthew leaned toward me and whispered "Mom, I am allergic to peanuts."
Omg...it was the cutest thing...he said it so calm and discreet...as if he was like...uh mom have you forgot?
I giggled as did the nurse...then she said "Wow, that is impressive that he knows that."
I giggled again and said "Oh this is coming from the child who gave back any candy with nuts that was given to him at Halloween."
Then she was really tickled. I then said oh he knows everything he is allergic to, we have drilled it in to him.
OHHHHH...... I almost forgot to mention...he had a form of staph!!!! Which was apparently not a bad case..not mersa! And don't worry it wasn't contagious...and he was on a strong antibiotic and it's cleared up now. So he's good.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Here are a few pics from Matthew's basketball game. He sure loves playing sports. His first basketball game this season he had some skin issues. As you can see he is scratching in a few of the pics. When we walked into the gym it smelled really strong of some kind of cleaner and he broke out into hives right away. Luckily knowing my child very well I had a benedryl in my pocket and gave it right to him (we don't go anywhere with out them.) He refused to leave and played through the whole game even though he had trouble seeing through his swollen eyes! The first game the team made 5 baskets (three were Matthew!) He was so proud of himself, it was too cute! I will try and take a video at tomorrow's game. 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Matthew had a great Easter. He loved dying the eggs at our new house. And of course who doesn't love waking up to all the goodies the Easter Bunny left! Then hunting the eggs is always a treat! No one left the park with out confetti in their hair...well except Granny..lol.

2008 Kite Festival

I know these next few posts are a little older...but wanted to share the pictures.

This is Matthew and his friend Blake at the Kite "fester" (that's how Matthew used to say it). They had a really good time flying there kites. This was in March.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Isabella loved opening her presents, she was hopping up and down after each one! It was so cute. Check out the presents in the last picture those are from me! :)
 In the first picture you can see her standing on her toes! 

Cake Time! Check out Matthew itching his nose in the bottom one...lol. 

Isabella waiting to hit the pinata & Matthew hitting it. 

This weekend....

We took a trip south this weekend, all the way down to Harlingen, TX. We went down for Isabella's 3rd birthday party. Matthew had a blast of course! The drive went so much smoother in the new ride. The dvd player kept Matthew occupied which was wonderful. We partied on Saturday "Snow White" style, then went to Schlitterbahn on the beach (Padre Island) on Sunday. I of course am the most sunburned. Matthew had the best time playing with his cousin Isabella, now that she is three they really got along great! He didn't want to leave her. Here are some pictures from her party. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We have had some big life changes so far this year....

  • We moved

  • I sold the focus and bought an SUV

I guess that is just two things so far, but they were pretty major for us. Matthew was reluctant at first about both changes. How could we blame him. The house we moved from we had been in since he was 6 months old and I bought the focus when I was pregnant with Madee. So he didn't know any other way of life. It took a while with the move for weeks he just kept telling me he wanted to go back to the old house and he kept asking "why does someone else live in our old house, it's ours?" Finally once he realized how much he liked the new bigger house he stopped asking. He does still refer to it as the "new house". It's cute.

The car didn't take as long, I think he really enjoys being up high and being able to see everything in the Escape. Not to mention how happy he sees it made his mommee. The night they handed me the keys Matthew threw his hands up in the air to hug me and shouted "Mom we bought you a new car!" It was the cutest! Not to mention he really likes it now, since I had an overhead dvd player installed in it this past weekend for him. He wants to watch a movie just going to Nina's house which is only 1 mile down the road! Which in case anyone is wondering is a NO!

Well, I am sure the second half of 2008 will bring more exciting and wonderful things...so stay tuned...

I hope I can keep this up...

I am starting this blog for our little family in hopes of keeping it updated so that everyone can kinda know whats going on in our lives. As Matthew keeps getting older I have started to realize that most of his accomplishments and fun things he is up to don't get shared enough. Might I add is a shame because he can say and do a LOT of funny things. So, I hope this will help us to keep in better touch with everyone throughout the year. Please feel free to leave comments.


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