Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carlos turned 35!

For Carlos' 35th birthday he got to have his very FIRST birthday party!! His Aunt, Uncle and Cousins & I all did our parts to make it a special day for him. I think he had a lot of fun! It was all family and we had the party in San Antonio. There was a moonwalk, pinata, slide show, DJ, games with awesome prizes, bbq catered & 2 cakes! Here are a few of the pics from that night! 

matthew & carlos dancing

matthew headed into the moonwalk
Mel & Shannon got Carlos this awesome mask & realistic light saber
the yoda pinata his mom got in mexico
the birthday boy with the pinata
a game that mel & shannon made
mel & shannon had this paddle painted for carlos
the banner I made
rosemary, eddie & i hung stars and old star wars pics that I cut out.
the r2d2 cake i made
the r2d2 cake and a cupcake cake in the background that mel & shannon bought along with candy in a star wars bowl
the 35 sucks tin I made

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We had to say good bye to Carlos' Escape

So after we were first told that it was being fixed, we got the call saying it was being deemed a total loss! Now this was devastating news, not only because we really liked that car but because we had just bought it for him 2 months before the accident!!! We had a rental car the whole time we thought it was going to be fixed but once it was deemed a loss we had to return the rental. They told us that once they started to take the car apart that they found so much more damage. When we went to retrieve our personal items we got to take a look at the damage that they found. It wasn't good! So, just like that we were back to a one car family. No fun! After a week though Carlos found something that sparked his interest. Needless to say 3 days later it was his! We bought him a 2004 Jeep Cherokee! We are all enjoying it, but we do miss the escape. Carlos and I thought it was really neat that we had a his and hers Escape. An old and new model. We tried to find him another one but we just couldn't find one that was up to par with our standards.

Here is a pic of his new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

so i am a little (or maybe a lot) behind...

We were in that car accident the beginning of May and our life has been so hectic ever since. That was a really scary/ crappy end to the day. Most of you know the story, but I will touch on it a tad. Basically, I was able to get home a few minutes early from work that day just in time to meet Carlos & Matthew before they left for baseball practice. As the 3 of us walked out of the house I said to Carlos "we are going in my car right?" He said "no all the gear is already in my car and we don't have time to move it." Well, it is very rare that we all go in Carlos' car if we are all together. We were expecting to go in 2 cars because normally I wouldn't be home in time to ride with them. So we all piled in Carlos' car and headed toward dick nichols park for practice. We got on to Davis Lane and were stopped at the stoplight. We were at the very top of the hill and carlos & I were just chit chatting about our days. He was looking at his ipod to change the song and I was looking down at my phone when all of the sudden BANG! we didn't even know what had happened. We had been hit full force from the back, shoved into the car in front of us and then pushed off the road, just barely missing a tree head on. Carlos and I both immediately whipped around to check on Matthew. He wasn't hurt thank god, just VERY scared. Carlos got him out of the car and was comforting him. I was shaking so bad I didn't know what to do next. Carlos told me to call the police and I did, with in seconds a cop was at the scene and once he saw the accident he called the EMS. I was the only one seen by EMS because my big toe was bleeding, it was cut in 2 directions and I lost half of the nail. (It was nasty.) They told me that I probably needed stitches but that if I didn't get them I would be fine. Well anyone that knows me knows I have seizures when a needle is headed my way so I opted no for the stitches. However, now I think it might have been a better idea. My damn toe bleed for weeks because the cut wouldn't stay closed.  It is a lot better now, my nail is growing and the cut has completely shut. After the police finished with us Carlos said his leg was hurting and when I looked down it looked as though it was filling with blood. So my Mom & Dad (who Carlos had called and showed up right away) took Matthew home with them and I took Carlos to minor emergency. He had a hematoma. For the next few weeks he had some awful bruising! 

Here are some pics of the car and carlos' bruises. I won't show you my toe because it was pretty nasty looking. I only posted 2 of each. I mean I have a ton of both but you get the picture. I also forgot to mention that we were hit so hard that carlos and my seat broke! Completely broke, I included a picture of that. 


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