Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We had to say good bye to Carlos' Escape

So after we were first told that it was being fixed, we got the call saying it was being deemed a total loss! Now this was devastating news, not only because we really liked that car but because we had just bought it for him 2 months before the accident!!! We had a rental car the whole time we thought it was going to be fixed but once it was deemed a loss we had to return the rental. They told us that once they started to take the car apart that they found so much more damage. When we went to retrieve our personal items we got to take a look at the damage that they found. It wasn't good! So, just like that we were back to a one car family. No fun! After a week though Carlos found something that sparked his interest. Needless to say 3 days later it was his! We bought him a 2004 Jeep Cherokee! We are all enjoying it, but we do miss the escape. Carlos and I thought it was really neat that we had a his and hers Escape. An old and new model. We tried to find him another one but we just couldn't find one that was up to par with our standards.

Here is a pic of his new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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