Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carlos turned 35!

For Carlos' 35th birthday he got to have his very FIRST birthday party!! His Aunt, Uncle and Cousins & I all did our parts to make it a special day for him. I think he had a lot of fun! It was all family and we had the party in San Antonio. There was a moonwalk, pinata, slide show, DJ, games with awesome prizes, bbq catered & 2 cakes! Here are a few of the pics from that night! 

matthew & carlos dancing

matthew headed into the moonwalk
Mel & Shannon got Carlos this awesome mask & realistic light saber
the yoda pinata his mom got in mexico
the birthday boy with the pinata
a game that mel & shannon made
mel & shannon had this paddle painted for carlos
the banner I made
rosemary, eddie & i hung stars and old star wars pics that I cut out.
the r2d2 cake i made
the r2d2 cake and a cupcake cake in the background that mel & shannon bought along with candy in a star wars bowl
the 35 sucks tin I made

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Lisa Pisa said...

The cake is awesome!!!!!


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