Thursday, December 11, 2008

2nd Field Trip

The beginning of November Matthew went on his second field trip to Crowe's Nest Farm in Manor, TX.  I know, I know you are thinking "gosh, are they going to go to every one of his field trips?" But answer me this don't you think if you had a child that was allergic to EVERYTHING even freaking snowglobes  and had to carry an epi pen around at all times that you would go to being that it is a farm with animals? Yes I think you get it now. The teacher was even prepared and had gathered all the meds and epi pen from the school nurse to take on the trip. I was so happy to see that. Matthew did not have any reactions to anything however we were there to remind him not to touch any animals, and he wanted to. So we know that had we not gone he would have touched the pigs and the horses, probably not a good idea for Matthew! He had such a good time on this one, as did we. We loved seeing his face light up. We saw some interesting animals, how a cow is milked, we went on a hayride then ate lunch. It was lots of fun, Matthew is still telling people (anyone that will listen) about it. So cute. Carlos and I can't wait for the next field 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Sorry I have neglected my blog again. I have just had so much going on as most of you know. I have been having a hard time personally, and Matthew has been so sick this month. He had a horrible virus 2 weeks ago, then he was sick again over Thanksgiving. Poor thing ever since he started school I can't keep him well. He had 103 fever for 5 days over the Thanksgiving holiday. I got him to the doctor and found out he had bronchitis which in turn caused his asthma to be uncontrollable so he was on a oral steroid. He was on this same steroid for his asthma a lot when he was little so I knew what to expect. When he is on it he can't get full. The second night Carlos had to go out and get him another meal after we had already had dinner! He just can't get full! Well, he is finally doing better but we are now forced to have him on his breathing machine every single day with a steroid in it for the rest of the winter! Not fun at all for any of us concerned! It's the kind of thing we get used to with Bubble Boy though..hee hee. Poor Baby!

He is finally feeling better and that's great. I have quite a few pictures to share from events that happened in November and a few so far from December so enjoy. 


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