Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Madee's 7th Birthday Pics

Here are some pictures from Madee's Birthday that I never posted. I made a big pink and brown cupcake cake. I made those ladybugs to sick in it instead of candles, so that's why there is 7 ladybugs. It was chilly that day and it luckily didn't rain until we left. The below pictures are not in order sorry...

The Balloons in the sky
Nina & her boys
The cake with the Ladybugs

We flew a ladybug kite
We let go 3000 ladybugs like we do every year
Aiden drawing Madee a wonderful picture!
After we all wrote our message to Madee we got ready to let the balloons go
here is the cake without the ladybugs
the boys with the cake

balloons I got for Madee
the boys


ayamc said...

The cake is cool! I didnt know you had a cupcake pan. I've been wanting to buy one, but now I can just borrow from you! LOL!
I'm sure Madee loved all the pink and brown.

Lisa Pisa said...

The cake really is very cute! I think it's so awesome your entire family comes to support you...not that they wouldn't, but I just think it's great. Love the pictures on the balloons!


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