Monday, August 24, 2009

My Baby is in Kindergarten!

The "K" is for Kindergarten. I am going to do this every year {well as long as he will let me I guess}

Star wars backpack from pottery barn kids

He sat right down and started coloring!

Peanut Free Table!

Today Matthew started Kinder. He didn't care for waking up early this morning, but we promised to bring him lunch! So we took him Sonic. He said he was having a good day. He has one friend in his class that he knows, a little boy from his baseball team. Here are some of pics of him. Which by the way this morning he said to me "why do you have to take a picture of me for EVERYTHING mom?!"


ayamc said...

He looks so handsome!

Sounds like he had a good day.

And, I dont know how much longer he'll allow that picture taking. Take as many as you can now!

Kristen said...

oh it looks like he had an awesome day!! I love the K idea!

Lisa Pisa said...

I like the K idea! Good one!


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