Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 years later...

I taped this huge sign to my mom's garage real late the night before Deven graduated.

Most of you know I am the oldest of 4. We are all 5 years apart. The order goes Me, Dane, Deven & Haylee. These next series of pictures are from my little brother Deven's high school Graduation. He graduated from Bowie High School, just like I did. He graduated EXACTLY 10 years after me. My Mom figured out years and years back, that the years that we all were going to Graduate and we have always thought it was pretty cool. Me {1999}, Dane {2003}, Deven {2009} and Haylee will be {2013}. See the pattern...isn't that cool!! It goes even further than that... Deven and I were both born on Wednesday's and Haylee & Dane both on Tuesday's. My mom claims that Deven & I are alike and that Dane & Haylee are alike. Isn't that so weird?!?! Well I have always thought so...

Anyway, I'm very proud of my little brother. He will be going to college in the fall, and my parents bought him a car. I can't believe how old he has gotten. Little devi doo is all grown up now...

Congratulations Deven!

The Graduate

Devi Doo & Haylee Bug

Deven & Mom

and another

aka... Southside Legends

The Cousins

The Dad with the sons (yeah, my dad always has that "deer in headlight" look on his face in pictures..HA HA!)

Leaving the Erwin Center

Here is a pic of Deven & I in 2002, we were in Destin, FL.


Lisa Pisa said...

I hardly even recognize Deven in that picture! The pattern of your graduation dates is crazy! Congrats to Deven--let life begin (or maybe just a new version of it)!!!

ayamc said...

Congratulations to Deven! Its amazing how the years pass us by so quickly. Tell him to enjoy the college life!


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